Reiterating Pastor Taiwo Odukoya’s declaration for March, which is victory to victory, Pastor Tosin Sowemimo of The Fountain of Life Church has told Showerians that they are more than conquerors and enjoy an overwhelming and all-consuming victory through Christ who has loved them.

While exhorting the worshippers at the March 2 Thursday Showers, Pastor Sowemimo insisted that God is a covenant-keeping God irrespective of what is happening.

While insisting that the present world is full of uncertainty, chaos, and all sorts of evil, Pastor Sowemimo posited, “No matter what, our God is constant. He never changes. God is our rock; every other thing may fail and change, but God is constant. Everything in life is subject to change and failure, but nothing changes our God.”

The clergywoman emphasized that God is never confused about what is going on or what to do in the lives of His children.

“Before any need arises in your life, He has met the need. So, enter your rest,” she said.

The woman of God cited Hebrew 4 to urge them to determine in their hearts to be at rest and not just get familiar with the scripture, but to believe them and hold on to them and confess them, believing that those written words would come to pass in their lives.

“God says be anxious for nothing. So, whenever anything comes your way, just be saying nothing because, to God, that issue is a small matter,” she said.

Pastor Sowemimo quickly reminded her listeners that they need to always renew their hearts with the word and constantly remember God’s word. According to the clergywoman, it’s okay to be afraid or start with fear; that is human nature.

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She, however, encouraged them not to remain in fear but to run to God for solutions. In her words: “You need to get to the place where the word of God is the loudest in your heart, irrespective of the shouting of circumstances around you.

“Your circumstances and some situations may be shouting at you but train yourself to hear the voice of God louder than any other voices. That is part of renewing your mind.”

She, therefore, urged the congregation to always remember that they are covenant children of God and walk therein. “Learn to hear the voice of the Lord louder than any other voice. Fear not. Do not fear deadlines,” Pastor Sowemimo.