Pastor Mary Fayemi in her Easter message during the April 9 Sunday first service, told the congregation that being filled with the Holy Spirit is not enough, but believers also need to reflect Him wherever they go.

She spoke a The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) headquarters.

Referencing John 7:37, the clergywoman pointed out that the Holy Spirit is the river of living waters that is to flow from the belly of those who come to Him.

While adding that they are not just meant to take the water but to drink it to an overflow, Pastor Mary Fayemi said, “Every believer is filled with the Holy Spirit, but what matters most is what they do with the infilling.”

The clergywoman went on to give the encounter between Elijah and Elisha. According to her, Elisha had requested a double portion of the anointing upon Elijah, and he was told if he saw him being taken up, he would get it.

She said, “Elijah’s mantle fell as he was taken up, no instruction was given to Elisha to take it, but he did, and with it, he performed miracles.

“We humans are physical, and so is our thought pattern. The disciples didn’t see how Jesus rose from the dead. But He made them see Him taken up into the heavens, leaving something behind in their thoughts.

“The difference between Jesus and other religious leaders is that His tomb is empty, whereas the carcasses of the others can still be found there.

“As Elisha took the mantle and worked signs with it, the believer also has been called to drink, and out of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters.”

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Charging the brethren with the month’s theme, ‘Commanding Praises’, Pastor Mary Fayemi said, “There will be no praise if there is no change of situation.

“There is a word command between God’s promise and the praise expectation to follow.”