What have you been saying about the situation about and around you? You are never above your thought life; it is your thoughts that are conveyed by your words. They produce for you whether good or bad. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo at the August 9 Online Sunday service.

Taking his theme scripture from the Book of Mark 11:20-24, Pastor Taiwo noted that the main reason Jesus cursed the fig tree was to teach us to have the God-kind of faith, and this teaching, he said, would better be understood with a demonstration of faith.

He went on to explain that what a believer says on earth is very important. In his words, “If the ‘whoever’ will not say, he/she will not have.” He further pointed out that whether a person gets life for life or violence for life is totally dependent on the words of their mouth and that the whole of a person’s life is defined by what he or she says. “You will leave a legacy by what you say. What you say will inform what you do,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo went on to remind his listeners that the mountain as mentioned in the theme scripture is figurative of seemingly immovable problems in their lives, and that it is only by saying and believing with the heart can the mountains be removed.

He went on to note that the tongue and the heart are the two major tools in the life of anyone who will get anything out of life or from God. He made reference to this from the Book of Matthew 12:34 and James 3:5-6.

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He emphasised the fact that a person cannot speak good things when their heart is evil. “It is what the heart overflows with that the mouth conveys to the outside world. Depending on the state of your heart (good or bad) your mouth will speak from its abundance and the results will be the same,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo then urged his online listeners to guard their hearts because a man’s life follows the direction of his heart. And to lead a victorious life they must listen to, believe and say what God says about them. “Your heart is the seat of your personality. You are your heart. If you want to establish God’s kingdom on earth vis-à-vis your life and environment, it must begin from your heart,” he said.

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