Pastor Niyi Eboda has described the Holy Ghost as the believer’s greatest asset, saying He carries all that a Christian needs to succeed.

The seasoned preacher of God’s word made the remark during his sermon on Thursday (Day 2; evening session) of the 2023 Word Explosion Conference of The Fountain of Life Church, Lagos State.

According to the Lead Pastor of Harvest House Christian Centre and Cedars House of Grace, the role of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life cannot be overemphasized.

Pastor Eboda captioned his message “The Ministry of the Holy Ghost” and went ahead to list the various roles He plays in the life of the believer.

He said the Holy Ghost performs five roles in a Christian’s life. One such is that of a revelator. He cited 1 Cor. 2: 9 while explaining that the Holy Ghost reveals things to God’s children. This attribute, the clergyman noted, helps bring clarity in times of confusion. For him, in the walk with the Holy Ghost, it is better to be sensitive than be sensible.

As a revelator, he explained that the Holy Ghost uncovers lies and situations for God’s children. And being able to project into the future, the Holy Spirit directs believers. He noted that if a man has a vision of the ultimate, he won’t be a slave to the immediate. This is because the Holy Ghost reveals what lies ahead for God’s people.

Away from this, the president of a consulting company, ‘Ecclesia Consulting,’ said the Holy Ghost is a liberator. By this, he meant that He frees people from difficulties and addictions. He added that the Holy Spirit intercedes for the believer, as captured in Rom 8:26.

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The fourth role that the Holy Spirit performs is acting as an accelerator, according to the cleric. He referenced 1 Sam 16:13 and 1 Kgs 18:46 while explaining that He is the one that brings speed when there seems to be no progress. He added that when the Holy Ghost gives speed, it is to recover lost grounds, noting that God gives wings and can use anything when He wants to favour someone.

Teaching further, he said the Holy Spirit plays the role of a protector. Taking his scriptural backing from Zec 2:5 and Isaiah 4:5, the father of two and multiple-time author likened the anointing to an insurance policy. The Holy Ghost prepares a table for the believer in the presence of the enemy, he noted, quoting Ps 105:13 and Ps 23:5.

Before this, he said all through the scripture, there are six metaphors for the Holy Ghost. These rain (Zech 10:1), wind (Acts 2:2), river (Jn 7:39), fire (Acts 2:3), dove (Mt 3:6) and oil (Ps 23 vs 5).

Apart from the sermon, he also prayed for the congregation, decreeing that their attendance at the Word Explosion Conference 2023 would come with mind-blowing testimonies. In telling them to be expectant, Pastor Eboda said when the word of God locates a man, it relocates (changes his level positively) him.

Thursday’s session also featured praise and worship, prayers, and commentaries from

Reported by Emmanuel Egobiambu