Worshippers ought to be diligent in their worship and service to God, despite the seeming challenges.

Pastor Tony Olu-Kanayo of The Fountain Of Life Church (TFOLC), stated this while admonishing Fountaineers during the August 31, 2023, Thursday Showers, which equally saw the cleric insisting that there is a nature of God in every believer which allows them to behave like God but when such believers allow their soulish nature to becloud that nature of God in them, it makes them get distracted. 

According to the Pastor of the Victoria Island branch of the church, The Cave, “We want to be spiritual, but we lack knowledge. We want to get to know God, but we would like to do it on our terms. 

“The truth is that worship is a decision and not an emotion. The best form of worship is not when the times are good, it is when every support system is being removed from you, then we know the intent of your heart”. 

Speaking from 1 Samuel 16:1, Job 42:2; 1:20 and 2 Corinthians 3:18, the preacher noted that quite several believers love to worship God in good times, but when in bad or grieving times, their abilities to worship God get deformed. 

In his words: “Like Job, we must learn to still decide to worship God despite what we are going through”.

In addressing the congregation on why most believers miss God despite being in His presence, Pastor Tony Olu-Kanayo explained that when believers come to God with veils covering their faces, they will not see God.

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“Whenever you come to His presence, you must remove the veil and be willing to receive His help just as He is willing to help you,” he said.

The clergyman urged the worshippers to grow spiritually and tarry in God’s presence until they were endued with power, strength, and joy.