I started attending Thursday Showers a very long time ago. It was the praise and worship, and pastor’s message that really drew me in. Then, it was still holding at the old auditorium. At that time, Pastor would give us a scripture and ask us to meditate on it. That really helped me study the bible very well, I still study the bible now (smiles).

There is no part of Showers that is not soul-lifting. The testimonies are encouraging and would make you know that God is still in the act of doing miracles. The Holy Communion is another beautiful experience. It makes me identify myself with Christ, being one with Him in body and blood.

Pastor’s messages, alongside the messages from other pastors, is another aspect you don’t want to miss in Showers. I don’t like coming late for Showers because I don’t like to miss the praise and worship. In all, Thursday Showers is an experience every child of God, irrespective of religious affiliation, should have. It’s truly an experience with the supernatural God.

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