With various testimonies of divine safety from fatal accidents, miraculous healing from strange skin infections, access to scholarship running into millions of naira, deliverance from unjust detention in prison, supernatural provision of employment, and healing from allergies, the May anointing service revealed the supernatural hand of God in restoring His own.

In his message, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya said that supernatural restoration supersedes the natural thinking and every child of God has access to that supernatural right through the blood of Christ.

Speaking from 2 Kings 6:1-6, he said that restoration and peace become the portion of a believer who has God’s backings in whatever he or she does. Pastor Taiwo further noted that such a believer would always excel in whatever he or she does.

“The Holy Spirit is an expert at making a novice look like a professional. You’ve been created to be a treasure in God’s kingdom,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo further noted that restoration happens to a believer when he or she acknowledges their helplessness and the need for the help of the Holy Spirit just like the follower of prophet Elijah whose iron axe head fell into the river got help.

“If you don’t acknowledge your loss, you can’t access help. Jesus has come to restore everything you’ve lost,” he stated.

Pastor Taiwo also urged the congregation to always acknowledge the help of God in whatever situation they find themselves and embrace that help when it comes.

In his words, “There are many things we lose on earth that would take God to recover them and when such happens, it is always against the natural just as the iron axe floated on the river against the natural law.

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“The work is finished because the blood has been shed, but you have a responsibility to take it just as the disciple took the axe when it floated. The world would bow to your God over that issue they’ve been mocking you about.”

Reported by Becky Olorunpomi