The June Anointing Service which was held on the 4th of June, 2019, launched the attendees into another realm of God’s power made available through the Holy Spirit.

Speaking on the theme for the month “God’s Covenant Power”, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya read from the book of Acts 1:8, the theme scripture for the month. He stated that the text was referring to believers.

Pastor Taiwo explained that though many people might be together under one roof, their priorities may differ from one person to the next. He pointed out that the disciples had earlier had a wrong focus because they were looking forward to the restoration of physical Israel as opposed to what Jesus had come to do on earth, which was to restore all of mankind to God.

Speaking on the word “witnesses” in the theme scripture, Pastor Taiwo explained that the word encompasses what we say, do and communicate. He noted that everyday people do encounter Jesus not in physical terms but through us as His representatives here on earth.

Cross-referencing the primary text with Luke 24: 44-49, the man of God said we cannot succeed as witnesses except through the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus, in His words also expressed that without the Holy Spirit it is impossible to achieve anything.

Paraphrasing Mark 16: 17-18, Pastor Taiwo expressed that God expects us to be a walking miracle like Jesus was on earth, doing good everywhere He went because He was baptized of the Holy Spirit. ‘If you don’t know, you don’t expect it, experience it and manifest it”, he added.

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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya further revealed that it is impossible to be God’s true witness and be in bondage except there is ignorance in play. He added that our beautiful grooming should not be unto man but unto God as this will guarantee our honor and esteem even in old age.

In closing his exhortation, he said the Holy Spirit equips us with what is needed in our journey of life and the availability of His power makes us a true representation of Him in our character, conducts and words. “When you pray for what you know is yours by faith, you will get it”, he concluded.