Pastor Kemi Odukoya, at the August 22 Thursday Showers, enlightened believers on how to allow God to fight their battles. She noted that contrary to the instinct of humans to attack when one is besieged by the enemy, believers who are walking in God’s will ought to walk in the supernatural which makes it easy for them to respond positively amid negative stimuli as advised in Matthew 5:38.

According to Pastor Kemi, the enemy would always come to believers at their lowest point. This, she said, doesn’t have to do with any offense they committed, but can be just because of their determination to live for God. It is at such times, Pastor Kemi noted, that believers should wait and listen to God’s instructions before taking any step just like King Jehoshaphat did in 2 Chronicles 20:2-23; King David in 1 Samuel 30: 1- 18; and Joseph in Genesis 37:2- 23; and 42:6-15.

Pastor Kemi further stated that conscious renewing of the minds with the word of God would help the believer trust God to fight for them and obey His instructions in the face of opposition. According to her, this would make them become that spiritual person who would live by the supernatural whenever the enemy attacks and also gives them the patience to handle negative situations. “You need to guard your heart so much that you would respond positively to negative stimuli,” she said.

Pastor Kemi then urged them to always trust God who is a Man of war and great in battle to fight their battles for them. In her words, “If that God is your God, you don’t need to fight by your own power. His ways are better than yours and when you do things His ways, it would always end in victory just like it happened for Jehoshaphat, David, and Joseph.”