Reading from Mark 14:43-51, Pastor Nomthi encouraged the congregation at the October 3 Thursday Showers service to always stay strong and trust God in their times of challenges. She noted that everyone has an assignment in life and each one must face the challenges on their path in accomplishing their assignments.

Pastor Nomthi advised that when going through tough times and one feels forsaken by loved ones, one should know that it is a battle one is meant to fight alone. “The assignment is yours and not another’s. Do not feel despondent because you have been abandoned. This is an assignment you have been called to do alone,” she said.

She noted however that God is with always there for His own. In her words, “He has promised He will never leave you nor forsake you. You will not die in that challenge. Whatever challenge you are facing, it is your assignment; with God’s help, you will fulfill it in Jesus name.”

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