In continuation of his message on speaking the Word, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the November 3 Sunday Service explained how a positively spoken Word remains an authority and commands every situation of life.

Taking his text from Mark 4:13-14, Matthew 8: 5-13, 16 and Mark 4:23-24, Pastor Taiwo noted that right information effects growth and preserves. He therefore charged the congregation to place more emphasis on the principles in the Word rather than on the miraculous. In his words, “When biblical teachings are put to use, it liberates believers and produces the miraculous.”

Dwelling on Mark 4:14, Pastor Taiwo noted that Jesus, having known He was sent on a mission by the Father, always spoke by the authority of the Father and, through this, performed miracles. The same thing, according to him, happened to the centurion who sought healing for his daughter when he understood the power of authority and requested Jesus to only speak a word. This brought about the healing of his daughter the same moment Jesus spoke. “Jesus, after being given all authority, charged us to go in the authority of His name and the only way to communicate this authority is by speaking God’s Word through faith,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo then urged all to be careful the words they hear and the company they keep, because whatever the ears pay attention to, the mouth invariably speaks.