Autusbridge Consulting Limited started in 2013 as a child of circumstance. I can also say it was a divine disruption. I suddenly found myself out of job in that same year 2013 around May, and by August same year, Autusbridge was incorporated. Although I have always had this entrepreneurial drive, I was not so prepared then. As someone who left as the Head of Sales of Consumer Products Company, I felt it would really take me some time to get another befitting job, so I opted for starting out, using the experience I have garnered over the past years to run my own outfit. The company started with an initial fund of N20,000 being the last saving that I used to register a business name. By the grace of God, weeks after creating a public profile, even with the just a business name, we had an opportunity to partner with a 25-year-old European organization. Their decision to partner with us provided some impetus that made me go all out in search of funding to properly set-up. I was able to convince a friend to buy into the vision and that was how the resources came to have our first office and equipment. We were able to host the foreign partners, who visited us twice that same year 2013.

I had previously worked in various sales roles with about three organizations in the past, including the Coca-Cola Bottler – NBC, Nigeria. During my career, I would say that I committed myself to the jobs at the different organizations as I managed different sizes of teams and business units. As someone who had responsibility for the performance of many others, I was constantly on the prowl to find out why the team is not performing and what we could do to improve performance. I have built confidence in achieving business results and therefore I felt that I could help other organisations achieve that as a consultant. I realised I could coach, train and proffer strategic solutions to ailing businesses, especially in the areas of sales management and other soft skills. As a lover of technology, I promote the use of technology to make sales exciting and productive for all stakeholders. I had just concluded an Action Learning International MBA Program that also prepared me for asking the right questions that can solve problems in organisations and earn the requisite academic qualification to function as a consultant. 

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As a company, we provide training services in Sales & Marketing Management, Microsoft Office tools, Leadership and other knowledge areas. We also develop and deploy bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other mobile applications for medium to large organisations. Helping businesses to manage staff in remote locations. The application helps the organisations to have real-time visibility into field activities of their representatives thereby driving productivity and efficiency.

Our vision is to become a trusted solutions provider that can address the needs of its clients in specific and productive manners. We do not usually believe in the concept of a one-size-fits-all approach to solving business problems. Every business has a unique dimension to its problems even if on the face value, the problems look the same. We believe in fit-for-purpose solutions.

We cherish partnerships (working with about three foreign organizations and a couple of local ones), innovation, integrity, dedication, and professionalism. These have been the core of our motivation and progress.

We are a certified Preferred Training Provider to the Lagos State Government with a few of such projects. We are certified by the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria to provide training services to banks and other financial institutions in Nigeria. We are recognized by ICAN as a training provider. I am personally a Fellow of two reputable organisations, the Institute of Sales Management, UK and the Institute of Management Consultants – A Global CMC Affiliate. Our others facilitators have extensive years of experience and relevant certifications in their areas of specialisation.