1. A Pastor. An abandoned baby under a bridge in the town of Haven.

The story starts off with Pastor Ezekiel Freeman, Pastor “Zeke” out on his usual morning rounds till he feels the nudging of his spirit to go to the bridge on that cold morning where he finds an abandoned baby girl close to death. He rushes her to the hospital where they save her life and eventually, he and his wife adopt her, a girl they named Abra.

After the early death of his wife, pastor Zeke cannot care for Abra by himself and so decides gives her up to a close family. A tough decision for him. The book weaves the story of Abra’s insecurities and eventual rebellion with a wayward character named Dylan away from the love of her family.

A Hollywood career, an abortion and a suicide, but God’s unfailing love and grace and mercy keep showing her that even when we’ve run to the end of ourselves he is still there for us. Pastor Zeke’s son Joshua eventually finds Abra in a lost world.

The place of prayer also shows up a lot in the book that prayer brings us into the throne room of God and puts whatever we are praying about there with us and that even when we don’t see the results we have faith that God is working things out for good.

The bridge to Haven features prominently in the story and symbolises that people and situations are in our lives to bring us back into the arms of our loving Father.

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Zansi Adebowale