Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has reminded Fountaineers that a life of exploits begins with a knowledge of who God is as he explored further on the theme for the month, “Covenant Exploits.”

“Your life is a life of exploits. You can live a life of exploits,” he said during The Fountain of Life Church September 2020 Anointing Service held online on Wednesday, 2nd,  stressing  that “a life of exploits begins with the knowledge of God.”

Pastor Taiwo hinged his message on the scripture: Daniel 11:32 with emphasis on verse 32b being the theme scripture for the month.

The clergyman said God is a God of covenant and is always conscious of the relationship He has with His children through Jesus Christ.

This covenant relationship, he said, makes Him take responsibility for all that concerns His children.

However, he noted that every covenant child of God must be conscious of this covenant relationship because those who are easily distracted and turned away from the covenant will lose out.

While giving scriptural illustrations with the life of Daniel whom the theme scripture was focused on, he said Daniel knew the relationship he had with God that was why he didn’t defile himself with the king’s food.

According to him, he (Daniel) knew the God he served, and in doing this, he excelled all his life, adding that a life of exploits is the life of the miraculous.

Pastor Taiwo stressed that when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were threatened with death in a fiery furnace for not bowing to the king’s idol, they stood their ground because they knew the God they served would save them which was what later happened.

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He also mentioned other persons who lived lives of exploits like David who defeated Goliath (1Sam.17:45) because he knew the God he served who delivered him from the bear and lion would deliver him from Goliath.

Moses, he added, was another example of a man who not only knew God but knew His ways.

“God would rather His children know His ways, not just His acts. If you want to live a life of exploits you must know God by His ways,” he said.

Also, Pastor Taiwo stated that just as God who called Joshua after Moses died and assured him of a life of exploits (Joshua 1:8) as long as he studied the word and walked in obedience to His
commandments, every covenant child of God has been called and is also assured of the same life of

“Being successful in your calling is doing exploits. As long as you are a born again child of God, every word God has spoken concerning you will come to pass; you must cooperate by believing in and obeying them,” the pastor explained.

He, however, noted that exploit is relative to strength and strength is relative to revelation knowledge of God. And it is only the Spirit of God that will strengthen His anointed for exploits, he explained.

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“When God anoints you, there is empowerment,” he said.

Hundreds of participants joined the live-streamed service which started with praise and worship followed by testimonies of the Lord’s goodness in the lives of His children.

The testimonies sent in via the church’s email were read by Pastor Femi Megbope. The testimonies ranged from supernatural financial supplies and full sponsorship for MBA study abroad, work permit and green card granted in spite of lockdown overseas to the testimony of a new job offer to work from home after job loss due to the pandemic with double of previous pay, and divine protection from snake attack.

This was followed by prayers for the Church, the nation, and individuals led by Pastor Babatunde Oladipupo.