During one of the Fruitful Vine Services held on Sunday, Pastor Taiwo made some prophetic declarations which I knew without any doubt were meant for me. These prophecies sounded wonderful to me given my situation at the time. It was clear he was talking about me because he referenced very specific events that had occurred in my life.

For context, I had lost a great job and botched a business I co-founded after that. These two events left me disoriented and I was truly confused about the next step to take in my life. I joined the midnight prayers and the Lord gave me the direction to begin to apply for my MBA in the US. 

Now, I had no funds but I took that step of faith. I did not succeed in my application to the us, however, I made it into a programme in Europe for another Masters at a 50% scholarship. This was my first breakthrough. Despite many uncertain issues around visa collection, God intervened through a letter written by a co-student who boldly challenged the ambassador of the country and she relented – I was granted a visa.

God’s favour was evident in a strange land and my dream to do the MBA was still in my heart. With limited resources, the pandemic created an opportunity for me. Many schools waived applications fees and made other concessions that fell in my favour. 

I made my application and this time got a full scholarship from one of the best schools in the world. For scale, the school would have cost the equivalent of at least N50 million. There was simply no way I would have been able to pay those fees on my own. It stills feels like a dream!images 4

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God has given me double by supernatural interventions. I know many more testimonies are still coming and I will testify.