If you handle your assignment with levity for any reason, God will not ask anybody, except you.
Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, stated this during the Thursday Showers of November 12, 2020, while speaking on the continuation of the topic, ‘The Comfort of the Holy Spirit.’
Taking his Bible reference from Exodus 33:12-14, and Acts 9:31, the clergyman who prophesied that in spite of the loses experienced, there is a new beginning for believers, an unusual multiplication and barriers coming to naught, stated that the Holy Spirit can be gentle and that sometimes if the HolySpirit is present, it is a fire that would be seen by the congregation.
According to him, “When we talk about the presence of God, there is a certain part of him that empowers and opens up for you, and the other side of it is that whoever would want to stop you, will see God’s anger.”
Pastor Taiwo explained that those who thought they have made mistakes in life may be making it difficult for God to intervene on their behalf and declared that, “Whatever would constitute a hindrance in your place of assignment are cursed. God is never purposeless, man is funny.”
The senior pastor charged the worshippers not to be lazy in their struggles in life.
He particularly posited that good success comes when Fountaineers are focused. The preacher said worshippers are a gift to their generation.
Pastor Taiwo who expressed sadness on how Christians were being killed in Nigeria over the past few years, insisted that the state of the nation is a reflection of the church.
While stating that God marks the contribution of every believer, the clergy argued that the worshippers have a contribution to make to the body of Christ.
“How can the churches pray if they don’t agree? I urge you all not to be found in a place where the body of Christ would be divided,” Pastor Taiwo added.