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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

In continuation of the message which he started on Christmas day, Pastor Taiwo at the December 27 Sunday service said that the only and best thing they can offer at Christmas and always is their worship to the King of kings. He said this noting that Christmas begins with a revelation of Christ which inspires worship just as His presence commands worship.

Speaking from the book of Matthew 2:1-12, the clergy said that having a revelation of God will always separate and establish a person.

This, according to him, is why believers should always pray for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation.

“Revelation separates you on to God and delivers you from the expectations of men,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo also quoted Philippians 4:4 and 1Thessalonians 5:16 to show that God’s glory characterizes His revelation and Joy characterizes His presence as seen in the lives of the Shepherd watching their flocks at night when they received the news of Christ’s birth. “Joy is an expression of worship. When your joy is genuine, you will worship and honour Him always,” the clergy added.

He then urged them not to stop worshipping God and being filled with joy, noting that Worship only belongs to God, no matter how much blessings they get from Him. “Can you weigh your Christianity on the scale of nothing else being important than Jesus Christ? You do not need permission to worship Him,” Pastor Taiwo said.

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