With awesome testimonies at the December 31 Thursday Showers which was the last in the year 2020, it was evident that God has been good to every participant of the event.

Using the story of King Jehoshaphat and his encounter with three powerful Kings who waged war against him recorded in 2 Chronicles 20:1-26 as an illustration, Pastor Taiwo at the last showers in 2020 said that God is so particular about the future of His children irrespective of how the devil always fights against them.

Speaking about the coming year, Pastor Taiwo told the participants at the event that they don’t need to be afraid of the New Year, stating that once they make up their minds to listen more to the Holy Spirit and obey His instructions as well as serve and impress God, everything will fall in line for them.

He also told them that favour and greatness would accompany them in the coming year if they don’t become lazy. In his words, “If it’s about God, be assured that everything would work well for you.

“This coming year, just make up your mind that you want God to be glorified and be discerning in the Spirit, then watch what will happen. The more you glorify God through your life and ministry, the more you get glorified. You will achieve favour and greatness easily because the Lord is with you but you will need to acquire skills, and be prepared. Don’t chicken out. There’s a room for preparation but no room for laziness.”

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He also told them not to joke with worship in the New Year, noting that God will surely fight their battle and turn their enemies against themselves as it happened to the three kings that waged war against King Jehoshaphat.

“No matter what the devil would throw around in the coming year, don’t forget to worship. Whatever God has told you for next year, it would be easier and faster through worship just as God fought for Jehoshaphat,” he urged.