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Pastor Abiodun Soderu

God does not lie, He has never lied, and He is never wrong.

The above assertion was made by The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, Ilupeju, Lagos, through Pastor Abiodun Soderu, while delivering his sermon during the Thursday Showers of February 4, 2021.

Taking his bible reference from Obadiah 1:17, I Timothy 1:18-19, I Kings 18:41-45, Zechariah 2:5, John 1:14-16, Luke 1:37, Luke 1:45, Mark 11:14, Mathew 7:7, and Mark 11:24, Pastor Abiodun Soderu, who insisted that the problem is never with God, but man, noted that the word of God has the tendency to create something out of nothing.

According to him, “Prophecies are to be fought with. You are expected to wage a good warfare with the word of God. Jesus is coming very soon, and in the world, things are never going to get better.

“Between now and the time Jesus will come, Heaven and hell will invade the earth. You will see miracles that has never been seen before.”

Pastor Abiodun Soderu urged the worshippers to pray always and not faint, with an addition that nothing changes until same is changed.

The clergy further stated that it remains useless for a child of God to have a weapon and cannot unleash the weapon.

He hinted: “It is the word of God that we act upon that moves heaven and not our cries and complaints. You have to embrace the principles of God before things will begin to happen around you. You don’t stop praying when you have burdens.”