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Pastor Bisoye Okwoli

Preaching on the topic, ‘You are getting all that is yours’, during the Thursday Showers of March 4, 2021, Pastor Bisoye Okwoli of The Fountain of Life Church Ilupeju, Lagos, said, “God gives us a word and we say we don’t need it. Therefore, we don’t act to the promise.”

She, therefore, asked the worshippers not to cut short the promises of God over their lives.

Taking her Bible reference from Jeremiah 32:27, Genesis 18:9-14, Hebrews 6:9-12, and I Peter 2:9, Pastor Bisoye Okwoli, explained that the only prayers that get answered are those asked according to the Will of God.

According to her, “The moment you are not intentional about possessing your possessions, then they are not yours. Prayer is great and remains a dialogue between us and God. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus. Possessing your possessions does not happen by chance and neither does it happen by accident.”

The clergy, who expresses sadness that the devil, will at times contend for the promises of God over the lives of the worshippers, insisted that “You cannot abdicate the responsibility of your spiritual growth to your pastor, and if you do, you will run into trouble.”

Pastor Bisoye Okwoli urged those in attendance to obey what the Holy Spirit is telling them and not just pray.

She hinted that “The strength of every promise is dependent on the integrity and the ability of the person making the promise. If you do not know God, you cannot know God’s integrity and ability.”

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The clergy, who added that there is a path to clinching the promises of God, namely, faith and patience, explained that the gestational period for the actualisation of the promises of God differs in the lives of His children.

Pastor Bisoye Okwoli said, “Don’t abort the process between the promise and the possession. One of the things you need to possess first is God. The revelation of God is never stagnant, it is progressing.”