The Admin Officer of GreenLife Hospital sat with the Today’s Showers team to share some vital information you would need to know about the GreenLife Hospital in Ilupeju. Enjoy!

Please, could you tell us about yourself?
My name is Maduboko Blessing. I am the Admin Officer of GreenLife Hospital Ilupeju.

Tell us about your company
Greenlife Hospital is a forward-thinking, up-to-date healthcare facility with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel to execute her day-to-day activities. Our watchwords are empathy, quality, and peace of mind (EQP).

What year did the company start? Could you give us a brief history of how it
The Ilupeju branch was opened in Feb 2021 out of the need to have a grass root healthcare facility close to the people at a pocket-friendly price without sacrificing quality and standard. Although we have had two branches before now called Ezion and Gaba when we established GreenLife Hospital Ilupeju, those too changed to

What influenced the choice of the business amongst many others?
The hospital has a Pharmaceutical company known as Greenlife Pharmaceuticals located at 35, Association Avenue, Ilupeju and we have two other branches in Lagos.

Where are you located in Ilupeju and why did you choose Ilupeju for location?
We are located at 15, Association Avenue, Ilupeju. We chose Ilupeju for our location because of the need for accessible, affordable and quality healthcare.


Greenlife hospital

What need did you observe and seek to meet?

We observed that Ilupeju is such a big area with very few quality and standard healthcare facilities, and we seek to fix that moving forward.

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Who are your clientele and what market need did you observe and seek to meet?
Our clientele includes the general public, corporate organizations, and HMOs.

Do you have branches now? If Yes, how many and where are they located?

Yes, we have other two branches in Ago Palace Way and Amuwo Odofin.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your business?
The effect on businesses, in general, cannot be overemphasized ranging from the increased cost of running operations to uncertainties that might come from government policies as a result of the pandemic. But we will not allow this to hinder us from doing our best at giving people good and adequate healthcare.

Could you tell us some of the challenges the company has faced or is still facing?
Our major challenge, which is also a positive challenge, is the inevitability to keep doing what we know how to do most – delivering world-class healthcare and also improving on it daily to keep our clients safe and happy.

Do you have any project you are currently working on?
Yes, we have a project at hand which is our outreach (CSR). It is our little way of giving back to society and also creating awareness about our hospital.

What vision do you have for the company?
We run with the vision of Greenlife Hospital, “To be the premier destination for advanced health care of international standard in Nigeria”.

What would you say gives your organisation that competitive advantage?
The most valuable asset of any institution is its human capital, therefore, we pride ourselves in a well-seasoned and trained workforce coupled with our 21st-century equipment.

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Is the company into any partnership or alliance with other companies?
Yes, we have a relationship with GreenLife Pharmaceuticals, Clinix Diagnostics Centre and Clearline HMO.

What advice do you have for upcoming entrepreneurs?
They have to get their objectives clear and make sure standard and quality make up a part of their watchword.