The Senior Pastor of the Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has cautioned believers against anxiety and worrying, saying they might become monsters that could destroy their relationships with God.

He gave this admonition during his message at the April 8 Thursday Showers.

“The devil uses anxiety to kill many people. Every battle that you engage in is a battle of the mind. Rejoicing is the key to your breakthrough, rejoice in the Lord always,” he said.

Using the book of Philippians 4:1-7 as his pivotal scriptural reading, the clergyman noted that joy is the fruit of the spirit which the devil would successfully attack if given the chance by a believer.

This, he noted, no believer should allow to them by allowing God to secure their minds through His peace.

Anxiety, according to Pastor Taiwo, is one tool the devil uses to kill people; noting that those who believe in God and are careful about nothing but put all their trust in God will always radiate God’s peace.

“It is not bad to compete but let your competition be guided by God. Be anxious for nothing. That very thing that looks like it’s about to grind you is to going to lead to the glory of God,” the preacher noted.

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“Just settle this in your heart that, the doors God has opened for you can never be shut by any man. God is not just about you but He is also involved in and with you. So no devil can shut the door the Lord has opened unto you.

Citing Paul and Silas who were imprisoned as recorded in Acts 16:23-26 as an example, Pastor Taiwo said that when believers rejoice in God, He will deliver them in an awesome way that will marvel everyone around them.

“Every chain over your life, every barrier against you and every limitation in your life, marriage, finances, and health are rebuked in Jesus name,” he declared. “Receive grace never to worry again and always remember that God can deliver you more than you can ever imagine.”