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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

Admonishing the congregation at the May 30 Sunday service from John 10:10, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya charged believers to develop a strong spirit of discernment to be able to detect and diffuse the antics of the devil in robbing them.

He said, “There is an enemy of your soul and what he does is to steal, kill and destroy. He doesn’t have any good agenda. So you have to have a discerning spirit in your relationship with people.”

The clergy equally explained that as long as the believers live, there would always be a trial from the enemy of their souls to steal from them. He also noted that such stealing might be at a personal, marital, home, local assembly, or national level.

“The nature of the God of this world is to steal, kill and destroy. He steals joy, relationships, husbands, wives, children, job, health, destiny, assignment, finances and life,” he stated.

No believer, according to Pastor Taiwo, should be careless in building a friendship with such an evil person, adding that, “So it will be a horrible mistake to embrace such a killer thinking it’s a friend. You cannot be a child of God and still be a covenant friend of the devil. To be a son of God means you are a covenant child of God,” he noted.

He, therefore, urged them from 1 Samuel 30 to never allow the devil to steal their joy. This, he said, could be achieved by discerning the devil’s wiles and where he has stolen from them to rise in faith and take it back.

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