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Pastor Dapo Williams

Pastor Dapo Williams of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, Ilupeju, Lagos, has revealed that, “In our kingdom, names are not given just for identification, but also for authority and capacity.

“So, the names of God are the encapsulations of the revelation of God. His name is in the manifestation of His person both in the scripture and this present age.”

Pastor Dapo Williams stated this at the July 25 Sunday second service, whilst illustrating with the Houses of Jacob, Joseph and Esau, as mentioned in Obadiah 1:17-18.

He explained that God being referred to as the God of Jacob means that God gives strength to the weak; noting that the divine title, God of Jacob is found 14 times in the Old Testament.

The Pastor hinted: “The God of Jacob is the God of election, all grace, infinite mercy, patience and transforming power. The God of Jacob has come to be with The Fountain of Life Church.”

The clergy equally referred to Psalm 97:2 and 4 to state that, “Fire signifies purification, the burning of the enemy and the torture of demonic spirit.

“Believers’ capacity in the kingdom is determined by the authority they carry. God, through salvation, has made us partakers of His divine nature. God’s words in the believers’ mouths are fire and hammer.

“Believers should understand the nature of the God of Jacob and walk in the understanding of it as well as apply the efficacy of the name in their lives.