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Pastor Babatunde Ladipo

Taking his Bible reference from Genesis 1:26-28 and Psalm 110: 1-3, Pastor Ladipo Babatunde, who preached at the first service on Sunday, August 22, 2021, first service of The Fountain of Life Church, held that the creation mandate by God to man is to dominate and subdue. However, he added that dominion without power is risky and that the ability to dominate is available to Christians at a price.

The clergy further noted that separating oneself, having the hunger for the Word and meditating on it, and patience to wait for the power form part of the price a Christian has to pay to have dominion. He said, “Everyone can have power, provided we are willing to pay the price.”

Pastor Babatunde Ladipo also quoted from Matthew 11:12 and 1 Corinthians 4:20 to warn that a carefree attitude would not yield this divine power in believers.

He stated, “The kingdom of God is not in mere words, but in power, and only the violent can take it by force because that is the only language the devil understands.”

The pastor thereafter charged the congregation to be conscious of their lifestyle as representatives of Christ on earth by showcasing the dominating power given to them by God.

“As the church, we can’t be like the world. A problem can only be solved at a higher level. So there is a need to set ourselves apart and ablaze for the world to watch us burn.”

Other scriptural references he quoted include: 1 Corinthians 15:21; 2 Timothy 2:2-15; Joshua 1:8; Psalm 119:105; Acts 1:4:8; 1 Corinthians 1:24-27; and Psalm 13:3.