“It is more beneficial for a Christian to choose Jesus. This will, in turn, make the multitude follow after such a Christian. Anytime you choose Jesus, the multitude will look for you. If you do otherwise, it is only a matter of time before someone better than you will come along, and the multitude will forget you.”

The above was the assertion of the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, at the October 10 Sunday service, while speaking on the topic, ‘The Threshold’.

Pastor Taiwo, who took his Bible reference from Mark 1:34; 35 -41 and Mark 5:1-15, emphasised the importance of taking heed to the Word of God. He also noted that everything about the Kingdom operates through the Covenant of seed and harvest times.

In admonishing that it is critical for a child of God to learn to prioritise and know what is essential in life, the cleric referred to the storm that took place on the journey to the other side as The Threshold.

Defining this as the boundary where the natural meets the supernatural, Pastor Taiwo alluded to the fact that it occurred not at the beginning of the journey, but the “unexpected” took place in the middle of something great.

“The devil always fights the hardest at the threshold,” declared Pastor Taiwo, as he linked the challenges of life to storms that are naturally part of it. However, he admonished that believers must never lose sight of the love and assurance of God’s affection and faithfulness during these disruptions.

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The clergy encouraged the congregation to take a cue from the Lord in addressing storms of life by not being afraid, fidgety, or tentative, adding that having Jesus is the key to a life of victory over the unexpected through the demonstration of faith in the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit.