During the second service on October 31 at The Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Kayode Ebenezer told the congregation that they cannot fight the enemy with weapons that do not belong to them.

According to the pastor, “Believers will always be in the fight with the enemy and his cohorts. There are two kingdoms involved in this battle, the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness.

“We are in kingdoms that are in conflict; which one do you represent? Do not engage the enemy with his weapons because you can never win such a fight.”

Speaking from John 10:10, he said that the kingdom of darkness will always cause chaos because they have been assigned to do just that. However, Christians have the power to give the life of Christ in whatever chaotic situation they find themselves.

Citing 1 Samuel 17:1-8, 2 Corinthians 6:10-12, and Ephesians 6:14-18, the cleric listed believers’ weapons as truth, righteousness; faithfulness; self-control; the Gospel (the Word); faith; prayer; and living the Christ-like life.

“These are the weapons that God has designed you to fight with, not bombs, guns or metals. The greatest weapon given to the church is love. Even in judgment, be loving,” he said.

He further implored Fountaineers to create time for God to utilize these weapons effectively and see results.

Stating that love is the greatest of these weapons, Pastor Kayode Ebenezer argued that, “It is important that we wake up to our responsibilities. If you want to have success, then you will need to use your weapon of prayer. Nevertheless, above all, love is a great weapon; it can break and remote the heart of anyone.”

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“We are on a battlefield, but the manifestation of our victory will not come by using physical weapons. Instead, fight with the weapons God has made available to you and leave the rest to Him,” he urged.