I want to give God all the glory for assuring me that He will always take care of me. I had been in paid employment for eight years but never got any promotion. Three years ago, I applied for another job and was invited for an interview, but I never heard back from them.

I always told God in prayers that, “ Baba, You see the way I am o, just help me with a better job that will befit my status and never make me beg for money from people for the things I need.”

Last week, I was in church, and I held on to every word Pastor spoke as he prophesied that there would be testimonies after the service. He even said the testimonies have started from the service, and a sister gave her testimony about healing in her hand. So I prayed and believed God would also give me my own testimony.

On Wednesday of the same week, I got a text message from the organisation I had applied to three years ago. They asked me to come and pick up my offer letter. I was so shocked that I just began to cry and was surprised at how God did it for me just like that. I went for the offer letter and began documentation immediately.

God showed up again during documentation. The person that attended to me said, “Madam, you have worked for eight years, the offer letter you have is not supposed to be yours; fill this form and make a complaint, you are supposed to get three steps ahead of what you have, I will go and give the director to sign on it for you.”

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I did as he instructed, and he told me to go that he would get back to me. Then, lo and behold, he called me later to say, “Congratulations, you are a very lucky girl! The director signed, and you got the post. It would have taken you six years to get promoted if you had taken the initial offer.”

God is indeed faithful! I also held on to the promise for the week, which was coincidentally, the same word I took home that Sunday which says, ‘The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runneth into it and is safe.’ – Proverbs 18:10.