One of the things that will give a Christian victory is knowing how to activate the glory of God that is upon their life. It is only then that all will see the magnificence of God’s grace, beauty, and awe-inspiring characteristic of His grace.

These were the words of Dr Tunde Ayeye at the February 10 Thursday Showers of The Fountain of Life Church in Ilupeju, Lagos State.

Dr Tunde Ayeye, who took his scripture from 2 Corinthians 3:7-8, noted that in this dispensation, the glory of God is a product of the work of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, he said that a Christian could not experience God’s glory without the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The leader of the Bishops’ Court (married Men’s fellowship of The Fountain of Life Church) also read from Isaiah 60:1-5 and explained that “arise” in the first verse is not a prayer point, but rather an instruction from God.

The consequence of obeying that instruction is that you will shine,” he said. While dwelling on the first five verses of the scripture, Dr Tunde Ayeye noted that the glory of God that comes upon a believer, who arises and shines, will also attract unsaved souls to the light of the gospel of Christ.

“The currency of heaven is the souls of men. People will come to the light of the gospel through you and will be nursed by your side. However, all these are consequences of arising,” he stressed.

Dr Tunde Ayeye then went on to state the two essential keys to activating the glory of God. These keys, he said, are:

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1. Soul-winning — In his words, “If we want the glory of God to come upon us, and we want to shine, we must arise and win souls. We must be about our Father’s business.” He noted that souls are of utmost importance to God, adding that “Our material needs are secondary.” Dr Tunde Ayeye referred to Matthew 6:33, where Jesus Himself stressed the importance of seeking God’s kingdom first. Only then will other material things we need be attracted to and given to us.

2. Worship — Dr Tunde Ayeye insisted that worship is when a believer is in total surrender to God’s will and way over his or her life. He noted that worship is not singing, but singing is part of worship, just as he explained that when a believer makes worship a lifestyle, they consequently provoke God’s glory because He inhabits the praise of His people.

The complete message is available on the Church’s YouTube channel, The Fountain (TV), and TOM TV (Taiwo Odukoya Ministry). They are also available on CDs and DVDs at The Fountain of Life Church Digital Media Store.