Pastor Chukwuma Nzegwu of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) has explained that grace is the love of God to the ungodly, His unmerited favour shed abroad to all, stating that God’s benevolence on the undeserving is all coined in the word called “grace.”

According to him, grace is the Magnus Opus of the nature of God, noting that He is far more powerful than anything that can happen to a believer.

He said this while preaching at the second service of Sunday, February 20th, 2022.

Speaking on the theme for the year, the clergyman explained that God’s glory is revealed to Christians only on the account of grace.

“We are not to underestimate this significant character of God for it is dangerous to fall into the hands of God as stated in Hebrews 10:31,” he said during the sermon.

The pastor cited Revelation 21:5, Isaiah 43:19, and Romans 8:28 to say that God is making all things new.

The clergyman maintained that there is no such thing as a self-made man or woman; adding that everyone is a product of grace.

“We do need humility to be able to do the work of God in this dispensation,” Pastor Chukwuma Nzegwu said.

Quoting Numbers 12:3, 1 Timothy 6:17, Proverbs 6:16-19, and Isaiah 14:13-14, the clergyman explained that pride is the nature of God’s enemy (the devil). He referenced the Prodigal Son’s story (Luke 15:11-32) and that of King Hezekiah (2Kings 18:3-5, 20: 1-3, 5) to buttress the extent of God’s grace and love.

“Eternity is our home, and we should always be concerned about this, for death is certain, and we need to be ready for it whenever it comes,” the cleric added.