The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, has revealed that the Holy Spirit’s role in a believer’s life is to glorify Jesus in and around them.

The clergyman further stated that the first consideration in any situation in the life of any believer should be the Holy Spirit.

Taking his opening scripture from Act 19: 1-8, Pastor Taiwo, who ministered at the November 17 Thursday Showers, in a bid to further explain the person of the Holy Spirit, cited Ephesians 5:15-19 to say that being filled with the Holy Spirit means losing control of oneself and allowing Him to take over.

He said: “When you are drunk, you lose control of yourself; this has a similar effect as the Holy Spirit, which is seen as you yield yourself; alcohol will snatch and oppress you, but the Holy Spirit will not snatch you as you are still conscious of your surroundings when being led by the Holy Spirit.

“When you walk with the Holy Spirit, your capacity is indescribable, and your best is yet to come.”

Pastor Taiwo went on to say that everything a believer needs can be accessed through the Holy Spirit. “Even during worship and prayer, He can help you,” he noted.

The clergyman noted that the devil would use everything in his power to distract a believer so as not to see his or her fullness in Christ, just as he stated that this is his assignment.

He, therefore, urged his listeners to always charge their inner man and allow the Holy Spirit to have full expression in their lives. This, he noted, would help them overcome every distraction from the devil.

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“Remember, the devil has come to steal, kill, and destroy; even when it seems to be hard, the Holy Spirit will keep presenting opportunities to you; make the most of them, and don’t live carelessly,” he urged.