The best way to describe the Thursday Showers of April 20, 2023, apart from the testimonies that proved God’s awesomeness in the lives of God’s people, is simply unusual.

The service was a blend of intentional God-led tongue-speaking, spirit-filled supplications and soul-lifting praises with undiluted worship.

Pastor Oluwatosin Sowemimo of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) was God’s servant for the service.

She said, “Our God always goes ahead of us. Nothing catches Him by surprise. Nothing”.

Speaking concerning the congregation’s praise and worship, the clergywoman charged the church to always praise God, regardless of the situation.

She said, “For the good things, answers to prayers, surprises, and expectations exceeded, it’s easy to praise God for most people.

“But there are times when praise is not easy and quite convenient; that is when it’s called the sacrifice of praise. We should always give God praise in all situations”.

Addressing the congregation on the theme of the year – ‘Our Year of the Holy Spirit’, the woman of God asserted, “It’s not an ordinary year. “It’s the year of help, it’s the year of strength, it’s the year of comfort, it’s the year of guidance, and it’s the year that will be tough like never.

“It’s also the year we will never be stranded because our standby is right there – the Holy Spirit. It’s a new phase with the Holy Spirit. Like never, we must engage Him”.

She thereafter led the worshippers in sessions of prayer which hinged on God exposing anything hidden around them.

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While leading the prayers, the minister said, “The Holy Spirit is the one that will help us to yield to Him and engage Him as we ought to. “We are to be sensitive to the Spirit as against just being sensible”.

In rounding off the praise and worship, Pastor Oluwatosin Sowemimo assured the congregation, “Just in case you do not know, you have touched God (with your praise and worship), you have touched the throne of grace, and He will reply to you. He will answer you in Jesus’ name”.