Dwelling on the encounter of Jacob with God as recorded in Genesis 28:10-22, Pastor Taiwo at the March 10 Sunday service said that God establishes His covenant through renewals, and every believer is qualified for that covenant because of the blood of Jesus, which is the ultimate covenant that connects them with Him.

Speaking from Psalm 89:24-37, he noted that the beginning of a believer’s next level is always the revelation of Jesus and not smartness. Having an encounter with God, he said, brings a believer to the consciousness of who God is as well as their commitment to the covenant just as it happened to Jacob.

He, therefore, urged them never to allow anything to take their focus away from God. “Blessings, trials, challenges can change people, but as a covenant child of God, do not be conformed but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” he urged.

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