I am thanking God for His steadfast love that never ceases. I thank Him for His faithfulness over my life and for delivering me from shame and reproach.  I praise God for Pastor Taiwo and every other Pastor of this church. I came here with a load of problems in my heart and the Lord lifted it off me. I have been believing God for the fruit of the womb since May 2009 when I got married.

I conceived the very first month of our wedding but lost it after three months. An evacuation was done and it caused so many issues that caused delay for me. I was in Thursday Showers one morning when I heard the announcement of a forthcoming Fruitful Vine programme in October 2010. My spirit got aroused immediately, so I decided to attend, no matter how busy my day would be. At 5pm that evening, as I was getting ready for the service, I started feeling an unusual pain in my abdomen, about 20 minutes later, I discovered it was my period and the zeal to attend the service was gone.

At that 6pm, the Lord spoke to me strongly and said, “come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. The voice kept coming until I became restless and decided to attend the programme. Towards the end of the service, Pastor Taiwo made an altar call and all who answered were all anointed. As soon as I received that anointing, my spirit was lifted and there was peace in my soul.

The following month, in November, I missed my period and I was confirmed pregnant by my doctor. Praise the Lord! The pregnancy was completely stress-free. I was looking very strong and beautiful with the pregnancy and the God of The Fountain of Life Church helped me to carry the pregnancy successfully for nine months. On August 9, 2011, labour started as soon as I returned from work and I called on God of Pastor Taiwo to go with me to the delivery room. I was in labour for 15 hours and nothing happened.

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Then the doctor took a decision to do a Caesarian section. I started weeping bitterly but I quickly remember the promise I picked here when my pregnancy was six months: “With God, nothing shall be impossible”. I shouted “God of impossibilities, come and help me”. At the 99th hour, when the nurses were getting their tools ready for the operation, a strong urge to push came and I did. Lo and behold, I pushed out a healthy baby boy that weighed 2.8kg. Tears of joy started flowing down from my eyes. My son was named Emmanuel and Ogheneriona (God did it for me). May all glory be to Jesus forever and ever.