“It started as a passion to put a smile on people’s faces. She didn’t know her hobby would become a business until the entrepreneur spirit in her set in. Enjoy this interview of TS team with Ms Oyinkansola Okomayin as she led us into her Hureydrop Cakes business.”

Give us a brief introduction about you and how this business started

I am Oyinkansola Okomayin and I am from Edo state. I started baking in 2010 and at the same time learning how to be a professional baker because of the urge I had in me to start something of my own that would keep me productively engaged and at the same time meet the needs of people and those around me. In 2018, I officially launched my own cake business, HURNEYDROP CAKES.

What influenced the choice of the business amongst many others?

I chose cake baking because I love to celebrate with people and to be celebrated. Then, I have always had this entrepreneurial spirit while growing up, so it’s been a part of me.

I also discovered that in this part of Africa and especially in Nigeria, we love to party. We love to celebrate one thing or the other; some will wake up and say it’s party time and definitely, there will be a need for celebrations cakes.

I have not seen anywhere in Nigeria where parties are held without cakes. All these influenced my choice of baking amongst others. Every day, people celebrate their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, bridal showers etc.

Where are you located in Ilupeju and why did you choose Ilupeju for location?

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The business actually started from my small room in Ilupeju. Then, friends and relatives who knew I was into baking started patronising me. As the orders increased, I decided to get a bigger apartment still in Ilupeju.

I think Ilupeju chose me because I was born and bred in Ilupeju so I am used to the environment. Then, it is very proximal to my church.

Another thing is that Ilupeju is centralized and easy for me to reach my clients on time which has helped me to deliver on time. The regular power supply is also one major benefit of doing business in Ilupeju.

What other products or services do you offer apart from cake baking?

For now, we major in cakes and chinchin. But in the nearest future, we will be going into pastries and drinks.

Who are your clientele and what market need did you observe and seek to meet?

Most of my clients, for now, are friends, relatives and, of course, referrals. People have introduced us to someone they know and their family members. We are open to more people.

That means you are working on expanding…

Yes. As the business keeps growing, that will be inevitable. We have a big plan for the future to have branches all over the world. 

What vision do you have for the business?

For now, the vision is to have a strong customer base and also to have a standard cake store with the necessary equipment to grow the business and also to take Hurneydrop Cakes to the world. To be recognised internationally and to be a strong cake brand globally with the help of God.

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What are your fundamental ideals of the company?

Well, I believe that whatsoever you find your hand to do is worth doing well. So, I guess the quality of our product and services has really helped us and our ability to deliver on time has helped to keep our clients loyal.

And as I so much believe in the scriptures (Proverbs 22:29) that says “sees thou a man diligent in his business/work, he shall stand before kings, he shall not stand before mere men.” That has always been in my heart.

Could you tell us some of the challenges you have faced or still facing?

Our major challenge is the need for modern-day technology in our operations so we can rise to the market demands. Tools such as electric oven, mixer, chiller, etc. With the right equipment, I’m so sure to meet the daily demands and also have an easy flow of work.

What would you say gives your organisation that competitive advantage?

I will say the quality of our products is good and exceptional that’s number one and secondly, our prices are really affordable. We are pocket-friendly.

And also, we work with our client’s budget and we maintain our standards no matter what. Our cakes are freshly baked every day. We are so passionate about our cakes and we keep improving on our quality so I believe these are our selling points.