I am Dennis Oni Olaonipekun and I am currently Mr. Nigeria, ECOWAS. I started attending The Fountain of Life Church in 2017 when I was invited by someone. Before then, I was washing cars at a “Car wash” because my modeling job, which I started in Bayelsa, wasn’t enough to take care of me and the industry in Lagos was harsh on me because of my morals and Christian standards.

Since I started attending Fountain, my life totally changed. I started knowing how to speak to God and also knowing when He speaks to me. It was so easy for me to connect with God and that changed everything about my life. I understood what being born again really means as against what I used to know before. I knew the importance of being in Christ and now, I am a strong believer in God.

Thursday Showers has always been something I don’t like to miss even though I stay on the Island. I do my possible best to come because it’s a platform whereby they teach you what you need to know about God.

And they motivate your spirit for you to know Christ more. So, whenever its Thursday Showers, it’s like coming to learn about and praise God and jubilate in the house of God as well as receive blessings from Him. So I really do thank God for that.