Life is full of challenges and humans will always have to make decisions as long as they live. But the wisdom to make the right choices in times of challenges is available in God and can be gotten by those who allow Him to lead and guide them in such decisions. These were pastor Taiwo’s words to the online participants at the July 23 Thursday Showers service.

Speaking from Proverbs 3:5-6, Pastor Taiwo said that though God is sovereign, He still respects the will of men, noting that He will never force man in making choices. He further said that trusting God and having confidence in Him are vital ways of making the right decisions in life. This, he noted, saves one from conceited knowledge and pride of self-sufficiency.

Involving God in life’s decision making, according to Pastor Taiwo, means to recognize God’s presence in one’s life, commit one’s way to Him, have a relationship with Him and desire to allow Him journey with one. “To trust Him is to keep every other possible option aside and focus on His counsel,” he said.

He, therefore, encouraged them not to believe the lies of the devil but to trust completely in God because He will never forsake them once they acknowledge Him. “God will never forsake you no matter what is happening but you need to allow Him help and guide you to make the right decision in the challenges of life. This will make life easy for you because you’re being guided by the One who knows everything,” he said.

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