Encouraging the congregation at the September 13 Sunday service from Romans 8:18, Pastor Nomthi said that God is never outdated no matter what season or time it is. This is why children of God, according to her, cannot be drowned in whatever seeming bad times they are going through but would come out in good times of abundance.

In her words, “Presently you may be going through hard or painful times but they can’t be compared to the good times that are coming. You have hope because you are a child of God and light of the world; you cannot be hidden. Light will come after the darkness no matter how long it seems.”

She, therefore, encouraged them never to give up but to keep confessing positively to their situations and hoping for those good times God has promised them. “Agree with the word of God that these hard times will not last forever; you will soon have that good time He promised you. No matter how hard the time you’re going through, it can never be compared to the good times God is bringing your way,” she said.

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