Pastor Tolu Ijogun

Pastor Tolu Ijogun

The February 28, 2021, second service of The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos, saw Pastor Tolu Ijogun, assert that when God intervenes in any situation, the impossible becomes possible.

Taking her Bible reference from Mark 4:37-40, II Peter 1:3, Daniel 11:32, Mathew 21:21-22, and Joshua 14:7, Pastor Tolu Ijogun, informed Fountaineers that exploits should be a way of life for Christians, but that there is the need for the worshippers to know their God in times of exploits.

According to her, “If you do not know your God, chances are that you will not possess your possessions and what rightly belongs to you. Run up and get towards the miracle of Jesus Christ. They that knows their God shall display strength and act.

“Sometimes, we have to fight back because we know what God has said concerning us. The Christian walk is a fight of faith, it is not a dance or conversation of faith.

“When you know that there is nothing difficult for God to do, you will speak with a knowing and certainty because God has said.”

Pastor Tolu Ijogun, who argued that if they (worshippers) truly worship God, then it stands to reason that they should always run to Him and that God, who is the One who delivers miracles will find them and deliver their possessions to them. She added that nobody can claim their possessions except them.

The pastor added, “Your miracle is made for you alone, and nobody can take what is yours. God has given to you, what you need in life. When it comes to life, you have been enabled by the Holy Spirit.”

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Whilst insisting that it is impossible to please God without faith and that what prayer does is to give access, she reiterated that prayer is a powerful weapon for Christians.