With everything happening around us, we should not allow ourselves to be distracted. We
should be focused, deliberate, and intentional and work in the power of the spirit. We can’t just
afford to be careless because there are things that are happening that we can’t understand, and
explain. It is also a crime for a believer not to pray.

Pastor Ronke Aladesuru said this while admonishing the congregation at the January 31
Sunday first service on the need to contend for their possessions.

Speaking from Obadiah 1:17, John 9:3-5, John 9:12-14, Psalm 2:1-5, and Isiah 61:1-11 urged the
worshippers to believe in the efficacy of the word of God despite the presence of COVID-19, noting that there is nothing God cannot do.

She further explained that in the face of the devil’s manipulation, deceit, and deception both in the world and even among believers, it remains a crime for a believer not to pray.

“Not everything that is good is God. Every choice that is made has to be led by the spirit of God,” Pastor Aladesuru added.

She, therefore, urged them to not joke with prayers as it is one of the vital tools to deploy in
possessing one’s possession.

—A Dangerous State—

Later in the second service, Pastor Lara Adesanya stated that believers ought to know that they have a birthright and that right confers divine nature.

Speaking from 2 Peter 1:3, the clergyman highlighted the importance of growing into maturity to appropriate the promises of God.

“Infants, toddlers, and teenagers are not empowered enough to possess any possessions. Only sons are capable of doing so,” Pastor Lara added.

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She further reiterated that it is dangerous for Christians to be casual. Referencing the Scriptures, she reminded the worshipers that the Kingdom of God suffers violence and only the violent takes it by force.

According to her, knowledge is superior to information as only those who know God can walk in the desired victory.

The preacher said, “thoughts, behaviors, attitude, and character must all be in holiness reflecting the fear of God.”

She reiterated Luke 2: 40 to state that there is an inevitable need to grow by studying the Word; emphasizing that growth is necessary to have a meaningful walk with God.

In concluding her message, Pastor Lara Adesanya outlined the steps to take in taking possession of everything God has in stock for each one in this year. She mentioned the need for maturity, obedience to the Word, meditation, fellowship with brethren/evangelism, and giving praises to God always.

Other scriptural references include Proverbs 11:19, Hosea 4:6, Numbers 23:19, 1 Corinthians 2: 16, Psalm 119:10, and Isaiah 60:1 – 3.

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