FB IMG 1615672908579“Irrespective of your situation and the hopelessness, God is saying to you, go forward. He is the God that when He intervenes, He makes a way.”

The above assertion was made public by the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, during the March 9, 2021, anointing service, a monthly service of the church.

The TFOLC shepherd further noted that God had always intervened in human affairs, noting that there is always a change whenever God intervenes.

Pastor Taiwo said, “This is the nature of God, that’s what He does. Anywhere He appears and intervenes, there is a change. He turns a horrible situation into good. God cannot manifest and things remain the same. He is the Creator of the supernatural. Your case is a small one for Him to handle.”

Referring to the terrible situation of the Israelites in the wilderness when they were confronted with the red sea and were being chased by Pharaoh, the Senior Pastor stated that believers do not need to murmur or profess negatively to themselves because of challenges no matter how terrifying it may look, adding that God will never leave them to perish in the challenging situation.

He explained that having the courage and moving forward in faith should be their response to challenging situations just as it happened to the children of Israel.

The clergy further cited the challenging situations of Joshua, Jeremiah, the widow of Nain, and other biblical examples to show that there will always be a solution whenever God steps into any situation.

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Pastor Taiwo added that “In the city of Nain, Jesus met a funeral procession of an only son of a widow. She was weeping and so was everyone around her. It was a helpless situation. Jesus had compassion on her. He went to the casket and touched it; the dead boy came back to life. Our God is the God of the supernatural and will always intervene to save His children because He is the covenant-keeping God.”

Speaking from Jeremiah 29:11; 32:27, Matthew 18:20 and Acts 19:38, the clergy said that God’s thoughts towards His children are of good.

This, he added, should be an encouragement to believers that they will not sink in whatever situation they are going through.

“That situation in your life will not see the end of you, but you will outlive it. When the disciples woke Jesus up and asked whether He does not care they die, Jesus arose and rebuked the wind and the sea was calm,” he stated.

Pastor Taiwo urged every believer to never be worried about their problems but to rise in faith, trust God and confront it. He assured them of the miraculous.

In his words, “Whatever may be your limitations or situation, rise today and speak to it in the name of Jesus and it will disappear. The words you speak is life and the devil hears and situation changes.”