When humanity seemingly loses out, God always empowers and gives His children the strength and strategy to pursue and recover all.

These were the words of Pastor Abiodun Soderu at the July 11 Sunday second service held at The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju.

The cleric who took his scripture references from the Books of 1 Samuel 30 and 2 Samuel 5: 19 & 20 noted that the enemies of God’s children never give up in attacking them, just like they did with David as illustrated in the scriptures mentioned above. He however assured them that their enemies will always be defeated.

“The Red sea that swallowed Pharaoh is still flowing and every ground you have lost to the enemy, you will recover all,” he declared.

Pastor AbiodunSoderu further noted that it has always been God’s pattern from the Old Testament period to date, to give His children the charge to pursue and recover all.

He gave examples from the Book of Exodus 12 when God gave the Children of Israel favour to plunder the Egyptians who were their slave masters for 430 years.

He also cited Genesis 14 when Abraham pursued and recovered his nephew, Lot, and all that was taken by enemy kingdoms, stressing that Believers in Christ will plunder their enemies and recover whatever the enemies have taken from them.

“Breakthrough is God’s residential address; His pattern is: go up, pursue, plunder, take back and recover all. With God, you can’t lose out,” he said.

In rounding up his message which he titled Pursuit, the man of God stated that prayer is another word for power which is what today’s believers will use to pursue and plunder their enemies.

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Citing examples from the Book of Acts 12 when the believers prayed for Peter’s release from jail after he was arrested to be executed by Herod. God went beyond releasing Peter but also executed Herod in the presence of a multitude.

“When you pray, whatever chains are holding you down, like Peter, they will be broken,” he said.

According to him,  when God’s enemies are taken out, like Herod, the word of God will grow and God’s children will fulfil their ministry.