Pastor Amaka Maduneme has emphasized the need for believers to engage in the primary assignment given to them by God.

She gave the remark at the first service of Sunday, February 20, 2022, at The Fountain of Life Church Headquarters in Ilupeju, Lagos.

This primary assignment is to carry the glory of God everywhere, encourage people and tell them about the love of God, she said. The preacher, who spoke from The Fountain of Life Church’s theme of the year, explained that Christians are the carriers of God’s glory, and everywhere they go, people need to see them and testify to the presence of God’s glory in their lives.

Therefore, she said believers must live lives that praise and glorify God, seek the good of others, and spread the gospel as stated in Matthew 6:33.

Pastor Amaka Maduneme equally read from Exodus 33: 13-18 and pointed out that believers cannot have enough of God.

A Christian, she noted, cannot also take God for granted. She likened Moses in the passage to “an Oliver Twist” who kept asking God for more just as he continually found favour with God. The need to depend on God becomes important because He is the Christian’s source, the clergywoman added.

The cleric also assured the congregation of God’s presence even amid chaos and turbulence.

Pastor Amaka Maduneme read from Isaiah 40:12-31 while explaining the magnificence of God; His sovereignty and authority over all things.

She told believers to stop complaining but put their trust in God at all times and listen to Him because He always speaks and wants to be heard.

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The clergywoman prophesied that 2022 will come with amazing wonders; hopelessness will be turned into happiness; weeping will be turned into laughter and there will be a burst out of testimonies.

According to her, God’s glory is not just a feeling or an experience; it is a spiritual tsunami of everything complete in the character of God.

She continued by saying, “the word ‘glory’ is translated heavyweight and God’s glory is the weight of God. The glory is the manifested presence of God, the power that resurrects, delivers, and transforms.”

She clarified that this power is resident in the believer, with an addition that the manifestation of God’s glory, takes faith.

According to her, “The Glory of God is the manifest beauty of His holiness. It is the public display of God’s holiness and God’s glory is the infinite beauty and greatness of God’s manifold perfections focusing on the manifestation of His character, worth, and attributes.”