Christians should be aware of the personality and presence of the Holy Spirit if they want to avoid behaving and taking actions ignorantly.

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya states this while ministering at the November 20 Sunday service.

Speaking from Acts 19:1-10; Matthew 3:11; Acts 1:5; and Acts 2:38, the clergyman noted that one evidence of being born again is speaking in tongues.

In his words: “It is impossible to not be born again and speak in tongues; you have to first be born again before you can be baptized with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.”

“When the Holy Spirit comes, He comes fully upon the believer. At the core of the teaching of the Kingdom is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We believers should be kingdom conscious to enjoy a more robust fellowship or relationship with the Holy Spirit,” he said.

According to Pastor Taiwo, “in the early church, it was of utmost importance and considered significant and above any other thing for any believer to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. As a Christian, you should have a craving for the Holy Ghost as shown in Acts 1:1-5.”

Pastor Taiwo also explained that most of the struggles and challenges believers face in life result from their ignorance of the Holy Spirit, adding that it is foolish not to be conscious of the Holy Spirit.

“As a believer, you cannot afford to forget the Holy Spirit at any time; it is dangerous. Your communion with the Holy Spirit should be daily; you should be filled with Him daily. No day should pass by without you communing with the Holy Spirit and being filled by Him,” he stated.

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In closing, Pastor Taiwo stated that it is impossible for a believer to think and talk in the Holy Spirit and not move in its power, fruits, and fullness.

The Senior Pastor stated: “The presence of the Holy Spirit in your life eliminates struggles from your life. Moment by moment, God wants to provide the motivation and the power of Christlikeness that will turn people towards Him. When this happens, people will see your good works everywhere you go and sing His praises.”