Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, while ministering at the November 2 Thursday Showers, told the worshippers that they are the apple of God’s eye and should not worry about life because everything they need has been provided for.

According to him, God is a good shepherd who will always lead His own to a resting place. He further noted that believers are the ones who often don’t use their faith.

Pastor Jimmy said, “It takes a level of trust to fall when you don’t know when you’re landing or see what is behind you. But when you go from hesitation to trusting that the One that is behind you has the capacity and ability to hold you, it would become an assurance that gives you inner peace to allow yourself to be vulnerable to God.”

Speaking from Psalm 23 and Hebrew 4:4 (AMP), the clergyman noted that God has prepackaged
everything believers need for life and awaits them to claim those packages in their name.

“Everything you need has already been prepackaged with your name on it. God is only waiting for you to believe so you can access it. When you believe, then you receive what He has already done,” he said.

He continued, “This rest is already completed and settled. Stop praying for peace and joy because they have already been provided.”

The senior pastor also told his listeners that God can be trusted, adding that He has the capacity
to deliver to them the resting place He has promised them.

He said, “The One who is guaranteeing you rest has the capacity and ability to give you the rest He promised you in spite of your circumstances and situation. Stop praying faithless prayers, the only way you can enter  this rest is when you confidently rely on Him.”

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He therefore urged them to put their trust in God, adding that he can be trusted.

“Stop praying for rest, stop praying for peace. Believe so that you can receive and walk in what he has already done. If you are confident and assured, then you will rely on the salvation that God promised and the power he possesses. if you have no hesitation then you have inner peace,” he urged.