Dwelling on the theme scripture for the month (Acts 1:8) and other scriptures—2 Corinthians  13:14, John 14:15-18 and Ephesians 2:4, Pastor Taiwo at June 13 Thursday Showers service spoke on the need for believers to live in constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit. He said some people lack this fellowship because their motives for becoming Christians was wrong. One of the reasons such people become Christians, he said, is to find a life partner or acquire fame, power, and money, among others. He, however, stated that the disciples in Act 1:8 were not just waiting for power, they were waiting to receive the Person of the Holy Spirit who gives power.

Pastor Taiwo added that besides giving power, the Holy Spirit is made available to us as our comforter, our standby, our intercessor, our helper, our teacher, our guide, our advocate, our wisdom, our sanctification, and our righteousness. “He is our everything,” he said.

He then stressed the need for every Christian to live a life of constant fellowship with the Holy Ghost. “There is no Christian life without the Holy Spirit. The secret to a victorious Christian life is fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo reminded believers that the Holy Spirit is not just with them, He lives in them too. “The Holy Spirit is with you always. There is no second of your life that He is not with you. He is not only with you, But He is also in you,” he stated.