The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, has insisted that God never runs out of gifts for His people.

He also added that Christians should praise God, not just for what He has done, but also for what He is about to do, and most importantly for who He is.

Speaking during the Thursday Showers service of December 14, 2023, the cleric, who continued with the series of ‘The Good Shepherd’, taught from Psalm 23:4 and Hebrews 4:12 noting that believers need the power of God to fulfill their purpose. 

The clergyman, who further noted that the energizing power, which is in the Word of God, is needed for believers who desire to fulfill their purpose, added, “The Word of God is full of energy over time and those who spend time interacting with the energy of the word receive power.”

Pastor Jimmy equally referenced Philippians 2:13 and Matthew 5:14 to declare that no child of God can shine his or her light in the dark world by their effort.

He said, “You cannot shine your light by your effort but by the energy of the God who has made you light. It is not by power nor might but by His Spirit.”

Differentiating between kinetic energy and potential energy, Pastor Jimmy cited John 5:6-8 and Isaiah 40:31 to say that believers require the appropriate application of either of the energies for effective results.

“You need to know the situation you’re in and what scriptures to address that situation,” the cleric added.

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The Senior Pastor, thereafter, charged Fountaineers from Romans 12:2 and John 15:7 to remain in God, meditate in His word, and renew their mind as this is when they would be able to activate the energy of God for the fulfillment of their purposes.

According to him, “You cannot perfect His plans and purpose if you are not renewing your mind daily in His word.

“Keep dwelling daily in Him, renew your mind, and continue to speak His energized word into every situation of your life.”