You will never truly know the dimension of God’s grace except through the blood of Jesus Christ, and everything He will do in your life in line with the purpose for which He created you would be through Jesus’ blood. Pastor Taiwo Odukoya said this at the March 21 Thursday Showers service while speaking on the efficacy of the blood of Jesus. “The blood of Jesus restores and delivers His children. So be confident of that blood,” he said.

Speaking from Ephesians 1:1-7, Hebrews 13:20-21 and Exodus 12:1-3, he said that anyone who is not under the blood covenant is under the judgment of God, just like the Egyptians who did not have the blood mark on the lintels of their houses were visited with the plague. “When you have the blood of Jesus, you have divine protection,” he stated.

He then urged believers to always be mindful of and take seriously the blood of Jesus as it also passes judgment on their enemies. “It doesn’t matter the devil that has held you down, the blood of Jesus will deliver you,” he said.

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