Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has reassured believers of God’s faithfulness, describing it as one character of God that keeps men puzzled.

He made the comment in his sermon during the Thursday Showers of November 5th, 2020 held onsite and virtually.

“It is one attribute of God that will continue to puzzle men,” the clergyman who is the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church noted just as he told the congregation that irrespective of their actions, the Almighty would always be with them.

According to him, “Because of the covenant, God has vowed not to let His children suffer irrespective of their misbehavior,” stressing that with such assurance, a man is settled for life.

“I don’t know what else a man can be looking for in his life,” the preacher who took his Bible reference from Psalm 89:28-35, added.

He, however, reminded the worshippers that believing the covenant and seeing it work in their lives, is “personal.” Pastor Taiwo equally warned the attendees against comparing themselves with others as such is a recipe for disqualification.

“And the mistake you make is that the more you confess for another person, the more it happens to him,” the clergyman noted. “So, please, confess for that person but confess for yourself too.”

The beauty of the covenant and walking with God, he said, is that He can make somebody out of a nobody.

“You don’t need to envy any man or woman. It is the same Jesus that died for us all. The same Holy Ghost at work,” he explained. “If you see the covenant working for someone else, rather than get angry, ask yourself and ask God, ‘How can I? What does he know? What does she know? What is the level of this understanding I am yet to acquire? Holy Ghost, help me!’”

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He noted that a heart that asks such questions is better than someone who shows strife and envy due to what others are enjoying.