To walk in the fear of the Lord and the comfort of the Holy Spirit is only possible with the help
of the Holy Spirit Himself.  This brings about peace and growth in all areas of our lives no matter the challenges that may arise.

These were the words of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the November 8 Sunday service as he spoke on the need for Christians to always abide in the Holy Spirit if they must experience growth and peace in their lives.

He drew his sermon from the Books of Acts 9:31; Romans 8:26-27 and 2 Corinthians 1:3-5, calling on individuals and the Church to rise to their responsibilities as the light of the world and stop every form of strife. Pastor Taiwo admonished them that where there is strife, there is no growth and no peace.

“As a people and as a Church, we must deal and do away with every form of strife, when we do so and live in peace, then we will experience growth,” the clergyman noted.  “We can do with more peace in our lives, homes, and the nation if we must grow. Peace is required for growth. There is never progress in chaos.”

Pastor Taiwo noted that being Christians does not exempt us from troubles in life. After all, Jesus Christ our Lord experienced troubles in life too when He was tempted of the devil. But because we have the Holy Spirit to comfort us, in spite of the troubles around us, we will have peace.

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“It is because of this reason we have the Holy Ghost. We are able to walk with the Comforter even in the terrain of the enemy,” he added.  “This is why we cannot but be constantly edified and grow in the Holy Ghost.”

He went ahead to ask that Christians stop fighting the darkness but to let their light shine instead. The preacher charged the church to “rise up to its identity in Christ and let’s see whether things will not bow. We need to stop fighting the darkness, instead, shine!”

The only fight we are expected to fight, however, is the good fight of faith because life is a warfare, a fight of faith. He reminded believers that the prophecies of God spoken over their lives can only manifest when they play our role.

“We must fight to ensure those promises come to pass because the fulfilment of those promises will always be contended by the enemy,” he said.

Pastor further said that  “The greater our revelation of the Holy Spirit, the greater our consciousness of His presence and our expectations of His involvement in our lives, the greater the experience of His comfort in our lives.”